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Marcus Associates is a full service design firm that develops customer focused branding strategies, corporate design and marketing materials for emerging and growing companies. We work collaboratively with a company’s management to analyze a situation or proposition and then develop strategies to create, extend or revitalize their brands through strategic, creative design. Marcus Associates develops customer-focused branding strategies, employing creative process that result in market-ready implementation for emerging and growing companies. Branding strategies form the foundation of your organization’s competitive marketing initiatives, enabling you to produce the results you need. Our creative processes result in the tactical development of corporate design and branding systems that differentiate your company and its products and services. Market-ready implementation provides the deliverables your organization needs to compete successfully—with distinctive sales collateral, business systems, trade show support, and online presence. Contact us.

branding, identity, design, graphic design, annual report, packaging, brand strategy, creative process, market-ready implementation, brochure, website design, trade show display.